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Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (Excluding Financial Conflict of Interest Related to Research)

All members of the Cornell University community are expected to conduct the affairs of the university in a manner consistent with their primary commitments to the university, and the performance of their professional responsibilities must be free from real or apparent bias motivated by self-interest. This policy, and the complementary University Policy 1.7, Financial Conflict of Interest Related to Research, sets forth the principles and procedures to identify, report, review, and manage real and apparent conflicts of commitment and conflicts of interest.

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Your local college or unit administrative office.

Revision History:

02/08/2021: Fixed broken links.

5/15/2020: Updated the Principles section, under Conflicts of Interest, with a new "Grading and Evaluations" section, which covers the scenario in which a student enrolls in a course that is taught or co-taught by a family member.

1/31/2020: Added references to University Policy 6.3, Consensual Relationships regarding reporting-line conflicts and managing reporting-line conflicts on pages 10 and 17, respectively.