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General Counsel

Transaction Authority and Payment Approval

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Cornell’s Board of Trustees, “the Board,” formally delegates authority to designated individuals to enter into agreements with external parties that obligate the university. This is referred to as “transaction authority.” An individual must not assume transaction authority unless that authority is…

Retention of University Records

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Cornell University requires that university records, as defined herein,regardless of format, be disposed of or retained for specific periods of time in accordance with legal or other institutional requirements, or for historical value. The university has designated official repositories to manage…

Legal Defense and Indemnification

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Cornell University provides legal defense and indemnification to eligible individuals with respect to claims that arise from activity within the scope of university employment and/or in the performance of authorized duties. To qualify, an individual must also request such defense and/or…

Forming a University-Related Subsidiary or Affiliate or Acquiring a Controlling Interest in a Separate Entity

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Cornell University will form a university-related subsidiary or affiliate, or acquire a controlling interest in a separate entity, only if there is compelling legal and/or business justification. Note: On occasion, the Office of University Investments or the Office of Trusts, Estates, and Gift…

Acceptance of Legal Papers

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Cornell University faculty members, staff members, and students who are contacted by any individual attempting to serve university-related legal papers should direct an individual attempting to serve such a notice to the Office of General Counsel.

Use of Escrowed Encryption Keys

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Cornell University expects stewards, custodians, and users of institutional administrative data who deploy software or algorithmic programs for encryption to establish procedures ensuring that the university has access to all such records and data.