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Cornell uses the following framework to guide policy development.

University Policy Framework

The university policy, program, and procedure framework that is influenced by legislation; industry standards; and university by-laws, mission, and culture. Details are below in the Framework Details table.

Framework Details

University Policy

Written Program



University authority and overall requirements

How the expectations set forth in a policy will be accomplished and tracked

How to complete a task


Official university directive that:

  • Codifies authority

  • Mandates requirements of or provisions for members of the Cornell University community; 

And typically addresses two or more of the following:

  • Has broad application throughout the university

  • Enhances the university’s mission

  • Reduces institutional risk 

  • Promotes operational efficiency

  • Helps achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Transparent, written document guiding a set of activities that specifies:

  • Business objectives 

  • Business metrics

  • Scope

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Training requirements

  • Document control 

  • List of procedures

Standardized step-by-step actions that provide: 

  • A beginning, middle, and end of a process  

  • Clear, repeatable, and consistent outcomes

Hosted by

University Policy Office

Responsible unit or college

Responsible unit or college

Change Authority

Responsible Executive

Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG)

Responsible Office

Responsible Office


University Policy Library

Responsible unit website 

  • Responsible unit website

  • Secure document storage site