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Cornell uses the following framework to guide policy development.

University Policy Framework

The university policy, program, and procedure framework that is influenced by legislation; industry standards; and university by-laws, mission, and culture. Details are below in the Framework Details table.

Framework Details

 University PolicyWritten ProgramProcedure
EstablishesUniversity authority and overall requirementsHow the expectations set forth in a policy will be accomplished and trackedHow to complete a task

Official university directive that:

  • Codifies authority
  • Mandates requirements of or provisions for members of the Cornell University community;

And typically addresses two or more of the following:

  • Has broad application throughout the university
  • Enhances the university‚Äôs mission
  • Reduces institutional risk
  • Promotes operational efficiency
  • Helps achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Transparent, written document guiding a set of activities that specifies:

  • Business objectives
  • Business metrics
  • Scope
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Training requirements
  • Document control
  • List of procedures

Standardized step-by-step actions that provide:

  • A beginning, middle, and end of a process  
  • Clear, repeatable, and consistent outcomes
Hosted byUniversity Compliance OfficeResponsible unit or collegeResponsible unit or college
Change Authority

Responsible Executive

Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG)

Responsible OfficeResponsible Office
LocationUniversity Policy LibraryResponsible unit website 
  • Responsible unit website
  • Secure document storage site