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Policy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with a specific policy? Review these FAQs for guidance. 

 Question: I need help interpreting or understanding a policy - who do I go to for assistance?

Answer: You have several options for assistance with interpreting or understanding a policy. You can go to:

  • Your immediate supervisor 

  • Your Human Resources representative

  • The Responsible Office or Responsible Executive identified in the specific policy

  • Office of General Counsel

        (see next question for how to find the Responsible Office or Responsible Executive)

 Question: Where can I find the Responsible Office or Responsible Executive for a policy?

Answer: Each policy has a Responsible Office and Responsible Executive assigned. The Responsible Offices and Responsible Executives are listed in the University Policy Library.  You can also find the Responsible Office and Responsible Executive by clicking on a policy within the Policy Library, where it listed both on the policy's landing page and within each individual policy.

Question: How do I report a concern associated with a policy violation, or a compliance or ethics concern?

Answer: Review the variety of ways available to report a concern.