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Reference Checks, Information Verification, and Background Checks

Cornell University requires units to conduct thorough reference checks and detailed information verification on all applicants (external and internal) to whom an offer of employment is to be made.

Policy details


Your local college or unit human resources office.

Revision History:

6/29/2020: Updated links in Related Resources.

10/11/2019: In Appendix, Added Students/Volunteers to "Designated Positions" for "Positions with access to human medical records" and "Positions in Athletics and Physical Education which include travel with students or providing one on one instruction to students."

7/2/2019: Note in Policy Statement updated.

7/1/2019: Full review performed. Title changed. Expanded background check requirement. Added general clarification, including (but not limited to) language on: background checks for student employees and volunteers; benefits-eligible position applicants; waivers of background check if one has recently been performed; requirements around the process to request a credit check for positions located in NYC; and the National Student Clearinghouse.