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Children and Youth Safety

Cornell University is a private institution with a public land-grant mission, home to a myriad of academic, enrichment, and recreational activities and programs routinely bringing thousands of individuals to university-owned or -controlled property.

Cornell is committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth (minors) who participate in programs covered by this policy (Covered Programs). These programs are operated both by university departments and operations, as well as third-party camp and activity operators licensing the use of university property, and involve the participation of children and youth drawn from locations throughout the United States and the world.

While Cornell cannot predict the behavior of individuals intent upon untoward or criminal behavior, this policy sets forth measures that can enhance and contribute to the protection of children and youth participating in Covered Programs. Strict adherence to these policy requirements is necessary to involve children and youth in any Covered Program. Cornell expressly prohibits the operation of any Covered Program involving children and youth that does not adhere to these policy requirements and New York State requirements.

Policy details


For policy clarification and interpretation, questions or issues regarding Covered Programs involving children and youth (minors), registration of Covered Programs, and review of reports of incidents involving children and youth (minors) participating in Covered Programs, contact the Children and Youth Safety Program Administrator (607) 255-2800 or

Revision History:

10/18/2021: Updated policy name to Children and Youth Safety and incorporated references to “children and youth” alongside “minors”. These changes were made to better distinguish this use of “minors” from the academic study meaning.

07/01/2021: Updated definition of Abuse (of a Minor).

 11/04/2020: Reinstated definition of Covered Program(s), which had been unintentionally removed in the previous revision.

10/16/2020: Applied revised policy template, which included adding “who should read this policy” and simplifying the list of key contacts.

07/09/2020: Updated Failure to Comply component for university community members under Requirements section.

06/30/2020: Updated link in Training component under Requirements section