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Vice President for University Relations

Sales Activities on Campus

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For the convenience of its community, Cornell University allows limited sales to be conducted on its campus in ways that are consistent with the university’s mission, take account of off-campus businesses, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Note: Units established to provide…

University Social Media Accounts

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Cornell authorizes the creation and use of university social media accounts, provided their use is professional, protects the reputation and brand of the university, and complies with Cornell policies and applicable laws and regulations.

Political Campaign Activity

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Cornell University supports freedom of thought and expression by members of its community. Cornell encourages faculty, staff, and students to be full participants in the civic process, including communicating with policymakers on issues of importance and contributing time and money to the…

Mass Email Approval

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Cornell University employs consistent procedures for notification and processing mass electronic mailings to the following constituencies: faculty, staff (academic and nonacademic), students, and alumni. The university expects anyone sending mass electronic mailings to any or all of these…