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Mobile Communication Devices

The university will accommodate those full- and part-time employees with valid business needs for mobile communication devices by issuing university-owned mobile communication devices. A university device must be authorized by a dean or vice president, and must be purchased and serviced under the university's corporate account program managed by Cornell Procurement Services. Personal devices used for business will not be subsidized by the university.

03/13/2020 NOTE: See "Recent Changes to Policy" Statement below for updates based on current coronavirus remote work planning.

Policy details


Your local college or unit administrative office or the university controller.

Violations of Finance Policy

Violation of a financial policy should be reported to your supervisor, Human Resources representative, unit manager, and/or the office responsible for the policy. Where these resources are inadequate, you may choose to make an anonymous report through the Cornell University Hotline.

Revision History:

09/04/2020: Added University Policy 3.25, Procurement of Goods and Services, to the "University Policies and Documents" section.

04/15/2020: Clarified expectations for reimbursing business use of personally owned devices and home internet services, as well as transferring university-owned devices to personal accounts.

03/13/2020: Interim policy change

Effective Date: Immediately
Approved by: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer on March 12, 2020
End date: Not known, but Purchasing will check with the ILT by June 1, 2020
Reason: Coronavirus remote work

Each unit lead (Vice President, College Officers Group, Dean, etc.) will determine how to best support personnel working from home to connect to the university to support essential functions for the unit/university. Any cost incurred to support personnel working remotely will be the responsibility of the unit. Units will not be reimbursed from central funding. Each unit must review essential functions to support and prioritize the needs for each unit and the university. The unit lead is responsible for making the determination to allow the purchase of needs for mobile communication devices.

All questions should be forwarded to your unit representative.