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Export and Import Control Compliance

The University is committed to complying with U.S. export and import controls. No University faculty, staff, or student may engage in any activity, or commit the University to engage in any activity that violates U.S. export and import control laws and regulations. This Policy governs the activities of all Cornell faculty, staff, and students, including those at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC).

This Policy will:

  1. formally document the resources and campus guidance provided by Cornell’s Export Control and Compliance Officer (ECCO),
  2. formalize partnerships between the ECCO and those offices with shared responsibilities for export control support and compliance,
  3. assist the research community in understanding their export and import control obligations,
  4. educate Cornell community members, particularly faculty involved in research, of the circumstances in which their activities may implicate export and import control concerns and provide appropriate resources and guidance to address those concerns, and
  5. broadly facilitate timely compliance with applicable U.S. Export and Import Control Laws and Regulations.

Faculty, staff, and students must adhere to the regulatory requirements that are appropriate for their respective roles. It is not expected that Cornell community members will become experts in navigating export and import compliance, but it is necessary for them, and particularly individuals involved in research activities, to be informed sufficiently to know when to raise and elevate questions regarding export/import compliance. All faculty, staff, and students are responsible for reviewing the materials on the University's Export Controls website and consulting the ECCO when questions arise.

Policy details


For policy clarification and interpretation at the Ithaca-based locations, Cornell Tech, and Weill Cornell, contact the Export Control Compliance Officer.

Revision History:

08/27/2021: Issued interim policy.