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Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Student Code of Conduct

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This Student Code of Conduct (“Code”) establishes Cornell’s expectations applicable to all students and recognized and registered student organizations (including fraternities and sororities) at Cornell’s Ithaca and Geneva campuses, and Cornell Tech. The standards contained in the Code are based in…

Alcohol and Other Drugs (for Students, Staff, Faculty, and Visitors)

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Cornell University will assist members of the university community in understanding the risks associated with consuming alcohol, and the need to prevent the harm that results from its misuse and abuse. The university permits the purchase and use of alcoholic beverages under certain conditions, but…

Prohibited Bias, Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual and Related Misconduct

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Cornell University is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living, and working environment for its students, faculty, and staff and does not discriminate on the basis of protected status, including sex, in the education programs and activities it operates. Admission…

Voluntary Leave of Absence for Students

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Cornell University is aware that there are situations where a student may wish to or need to interrupt their course of study. The university is committed to reasonable evaluation and responsible handling of such cases. Cornell may grant a student a voluntary leave of absence for health reasons. In…

Involuntary Student Leave

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In extraordinary circumstances, Cornell University may place a student on an involuntary leave of absence for reasons of community safety.