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Sponsored Financial Services

Cost Sharing for Sponsored Agreements

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Cost sharing must be proposed, approved, administered, and accounted for in a consistent and prudent manner. This includes understanding workload and cost implications of the cost-sharing commitment; determining when cost sharing is necessary and appropriate; and accurately recording and reporting…

Program Income from Sponsored Projects

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Cornell University, through its operating units, generates income as a result of sponsored projects or federal appropriations. It is the responsibility of each operating unit to use, account for, and report such program income properly.

Salary Confirmation

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Cornell University requires salary confirmation for individuals paid with sponsored funds, federal appropriations, or committed cost sharing.

Cost Transfers on Sponsored Agreements

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Cornell University expects costs to be charged to the appropriate sponsored project account when first incurred. There are circumstances in which it may be necessary to transfer expenditures to or from a sponsored account subsequent to the initial recording of the charge in the general ledger…