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Safekeeping of Financial Assets, Including Cash, Checks, and Securities

Cornell University requires anyone handling cash, checks, or securities on its behalf to safeguard these assets by applying appropriate internal controls, and that securities be managed in compliance with the bylaws of the Board of Trustees.

Policy details


Your local college or unit administrative office or Cash Management (email).

Violations of Finance Policy

Violation of a financial policy should be reported to your supervisor, your human resource representative, unit manager and/or the office responsible for the policy. Where these resources are inadequate, you may choose to make an anonymous report through the Cornell University Hotline.

Revision History:

6/03/2022: Non-substantial updates including contact information and updated deposit thresholds.

7/31/2020: Updated information in the Using Lockbox Services section.

6/28/2018: Full review performed. Updated to reflect current policy and practice.