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University Policy 3.13
Graduate Tuition and Other Support

Cornell University’s Board of Trustees, based on recommendations of the Provost in consultation with the college deans, assigns each graduate field and degree program a specific tuition rate to ensure equitable treatment of students and respond appropriately to market forces. Although special university-wide programs may exist to reduce tuition costs charged to grants or contracts, each student, regardless of degree program, is charged full tuition, health insurance, and fees (such as the student activity fee) according to status. Payment of tuition is a requirement for registration and access to scholarly resources and student services.

Policy details


Your local college or unit administrative office.

Violations of Finance Policy

Violation of a financial policy should be reported to your supervisor, your human resource representative, unit manager and/or the office responsible for the policy. Where these resources are inadequate, you may choose to make an anonymous report through the Cornell University Hotline.