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Our Mission


Our Mission is to enhance a culture of compliance and ethics at the university and assist Cornell University to carry out its academic mission with integrity and in accordance with the University’s legal, regulatory and ethical responsibilities.

This mission is realized through the following office objectives:

  1. Compliance outreach and education are effective and provide a forum to discuss compliance issues in a practical way, to share experiences, and learn about effective compliance practices
  2. University policies and procedures are transparent, integrated with compliance, and available to Cornell community members
  3. Risk tolerance profile is established and communicated to the university in pursuit of value and aligned with the university mission
  4. Non-compliance issues are raised through a responsive and nonpunitive process
  5. Compliance partners are dedicated and leveraged to enhance a culture of compliance and ethics 
  6. Strengthen compliance by assigning accountability to responsible individuals and units
  7. Administrative burden of compliance is actively minimized through integrated and streamlined operational workflows
  8. Emerging regulations and associated compliance risks are managed effectively
  9. University leadership are advised and regularly informed regarding university compliance 
  10. University exercises due diligence with respect to its efforts to establish compliance standards
  11. Build trust with university constituents