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Policy Advisory Group (PAG)

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is a committee of senior university representatives who review drafts of proposed new and substantially revised policies after the Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG) has approved the impact statement, as described in the policy development and approval process.

PAG considers how a draft policy impacts the Cornell community, the policy's driving forces and how it addresses emerging institutional risks, and whether the policy aligns with the university's policy framework, whether it achieves the policy's proposed intent, whether there is a clear infrastructure in place to support the policy, and whether it is readable and understandable. 

PAG provides a critical lens to the policy owner to help them work with the policy stakeholders to prepare the draft for final review by the EPRG and ultimately for publication.


  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Director, Human Resources
  • College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Administrative Manager 
  • College of Veterinary Medicine, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 
  • College of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Director of International Affairs and Professional Programs
  • Compliance and Risk Services, Associate Compliance Officer
  • Compliance and Risk Services, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Compliance and Risk Services, Interim Director, Risk Management and Insurance 
  • Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Finance Specialist 
  • Enrollment, Director, Office of Compliance for Student Aid Programs
  • Facilities and Campus Services, Manager, Facilities Contracts 
  • Financial Affairs, Senior Director, Sponsored Program Services
  • Financial Aid and Student Employment, Associate Director, Systems Analysis
  • Human Resources, Subject Specialist, Academic Human Resources
  • Human Resources, Subject Specialist, Workforce Policy and Labor Relations
  • Information Technologies, Assistant Director, IT Security Office
  • Institutional Equity and Title IX, Associate Vice President and Title IX Coordinator
  • Student and Campus Life, Manager, Finance and Administration
  • University Audit Office, Audit Director
  • University Library, Director, Library Finance and Budget Office
  • University Treasurer, Associate Vice President and University Treasurer
  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Controller
  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Senior Compliance Administrator

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