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Readiness Checklist

This checklist serves as a prompt for key steps in the policy development process. Please also refer to the relevant policy development and approval process

  • Plan for a new policy or policy revision is authorized by the responsible executive(s) and responsible office(s)
  • Unit policy team is assembled to include a policy coordinator, policy presenter, and policy writer
  • Key stakeholders are identified by the unit policy team
  • Policy change request is submitted by the policy owner to the University Policy Office
  • Absolute deadlines to meet legal requirements or business cycles are identified and communicated to the University Policy Office
  • Review of University Policy 4.7, Retention of University Records, is coordinated by the policy owner to determine if the new policy or policy revisions are in alignment
  • Website (or other means) is identified to host unit-owned programs, procedures, and other information to support the policy
  • Communication and training plan is developed

Additional tasks where applicable:

  • If exceptions to the policy are permitted, a process is in place to request an exception, to review the exception, and to decide whether to grant the exception
  • If a compliance and audit framework is necessary to manage compliance with the policy, this framework is ready